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Instructions for Photo Download

Here are some simple instructions for how to download pictures from Nico’s Flickr space:

  • Within flickr, find the album and the photo you want (a shared link often gets you there as well)
  • Above the photo (on the left upper edge of the photo) there’s an “Actions” button.
  • Click the Actions menu and choose “View all Sizes
  • Pick the size you want and it’ll load it up in your window (or right-click it and do a “save as” command)

Are these instructions helpful? Don’t hesitate to drop Nico an email if you need further assistance in getting the picture. I realize that the Flickr interface can be a bit obscure and confusing at times…

A simple video instruction is here:

There are also apps that allow you to bulk download all my picts – see this link ( for a couple popular options…

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